"This is a practical, easy to understand approach to bending wood. It's light on the plans area but for the mid to advanced wood worker that shouldn't be at issue anyway. I have shown the this to my friends who are wood workers and to a person they all said that they will be getting it."

by Lon Schleining, Published by Taunton Press; Paperback/DVD edition 2010

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"...seeing pictures of the jigs and being aware of the pros and cons of the various techniques (milling, laminating, steam bending, coopering) is quite helpful. The results that I am getting after reading the book are well worth the cost. There are also clear explanations of what is going on e.g., when you steam bend a piece of wood; and common mistakes that can be avoided for lamination and steam bending."
C. Wright

by Lon Schleining, Published by ​Linden Publishing 2001, paperback, 9th printing $25.95 plus $4.50 shipping

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"This book is truly enjoyable to read. It is a beautiful "coffee table" book -- after all, who isn't intrigued by antique treasure chests and other historical boxes. I really enjoyed the history behind the various boxes types, and learned a lot about the benefits of the different construction types."
Wayne Cannon

by Lon Schleining, Published by Taunton Press 2001, hardbound

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" ...I will soon build my third and final bench (yes I am a dreamer), I have been reading a lot about this subject lately. This book does a great job of grabbing your interest, showing you the thought process you should use to determine what design and features are best for you, and then showing many beautiful examples of hard working benches in scores of woodworking shops."
Scott Pointon

by  Lon Schleining,  Published by Taunton Press 2004, hardbound, 11th printing $34.95 plus $4.50 shipping